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Buddhi Billing Pro
Buddhi Billing Pro Splash Screen
Buddhi Billing Pro Add Items
Buddhi Billing Pro Billing
Buddhi Billing Pro Bill Print
Screen Shots

Splash Screen

Bill Print

Adding Unlimited Menu Items

Billing Form

Key Features
  • Ready to use Software
  • Easy for anyone
  • Specificly Designed for Pre Billing Food Joints like Mcdonalds, KFC, Sub Way
  • Autocut of Bill & KOT on a one click
  • Enter Unlimited Menu Items
  • Categorize your Menu Items
  • Maintains Billing, Purchase, Stock
  • Maintains Credit Customer Ledger
  • Receipts & Payments Module
  • Purchase & Micro Level Inventory Control
  • Recipe based Inventory Control System
  • Daily Material Consumption Report
  • Supports 2" to 3" receipts options
  • Sale , Purchase, Stock reports
  • Home delivery Option
  • Parcel Option
  • Advance Searching
  • Multi user
  • CRM
  • Mode of Payment is Cash , Card etc.
  • SMS Integration
  • Compatible with Thermal & Dot Matrix Printers.
Suitable For
  • Small Restaurants,  Fast Food Joints
  • Sweet Shops,  Bakery Shops
  • Dhabas,  Food Corners
  • Ice Cream Parlors, Cafeterias
  • Canteens, Confectionaries Shops
  • Meat Shops, Food billing Counters
  • Juice Shops, Sweet Corners
  • Other POS (Point of Sales) Centers


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MRP : Rs. 8000/- Only
Buddhi Billing Pro Opening Stock
Opening Stock

Buddhi Billing Pro Purchase
Purchase Module

Buddhi Billing Pro Suppliers
Suppliers Master

Buddhi Billing Pro Customers
Customers Master

Buddhi Billing Pro Receipts
Receipts Module
Buddhi Billing Pro Payments
Payments Module
Buddhi Billing Pro Create Users
Create User / Roles
KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket)

Buddhi Billing Pro KOT
In this module u can create Unlimited Menu Items under different Categories. Change Menu Rates. Add Recipes item wise


In Pre Billing System,  Bill Print wih KOT is generated for the kitchen.


In Billing Module you can generate Bills & KOT's eaily, it has advance searching module and  you can generate bill Item code wise. All the options are available. Home Delivery and Parcel option is their. %age & Amt wise Discount option is avialable. VAT & Service Tax components are avilable.


In opening stock module you can enter all your raw material here i.e Groceries, Dairy Products, Poultary, Vegies etc.


In Purchase module u can enter all the puchases done for organisation. At this point your Stock will increase.


This is the Supplier Master Entry, it maintains all the suppliers information. This done one time only and supplier is given the unique ID.
This is the Customer Master Entry, it maintains all the Credit Customer's information. This is why Customer ledger is created. Every customer is given Unique ID for tracking.
Receipt module to save payments taken from the credit Customer.
Payment module is for payments made to the suppliers and also take care of day to day sundry expenses.
Create & delete your own usernames, passwords and Assign roles.





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