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Ahead softpro Solutions is actively recruiting Distributor Partners & Resellers to become part of its growing network from all parts of the World.

An ideal Distributor Partners & Reseller would be one having knowledge in IT as well as Accounts & Finance.

Devote such time as may be reasonably necessary for the purpose of learning, marketing and demonstrating the features of the software.  Use the best efforts to sell and promote the sale of the software, through competent and qualified personnel. He or She should have sufficient expertise to properly demonstrate, operate, sell and support the software.

Provide sales and marketing support to customers, including responding to customers' queries via telephone, e-mail, online, fax and letter.

Distributors shall be responsible for marketing, sale, licensing and support of the software in compliance with applicable laws. "Laws" means any law, national, state municipal, local or otherwise and any requirement, ordinance, rule, decree or regulation of any governmental agency or authority. Distributors will not sell or solicit the sale of the software to any customer or prospective customer if the distributors believe that the software will be used, transported, sold or transferred in violation of Indian Laws. Distributors should at all times comply with such laws.

Online Training for an Authorized Distribution Partner
Those who become the distributors of our software products will be given thorough online training for 2-4hrs.  He/she needs to have internet connection and an account on Skype or Yahoo messenger (for Verbal Communication).

The training includes understanding of the software, installation, implementation and deployment techniques. All this training will be provided to the distributor by professionals.

During training, marketing strategies about the particular product will be discussed i.e. how to market the product and who the target audience are.